Lady Velvet Cabaret

Time: 7.30pm Tuesdays (selected dates only)
Venue: The WA Performance School – 3 Price Street, Subiaco
(western entrance of Lords Sports Complex)
Teacher: Sugar du Joure
Cost: $130 for 6 weeks (including end-of-course performance!)

There is more to burlesque than the saucy vintage tease – explore more of the elements that make good performers GREAT with the Lady Velvet Cabaret Burlesque Series!

The Burlesque Series is an ever-changing selection of quality small-group burlesque classes instructed by respected performer Sugar du Joure. Each course runs for six weeks and will explore a different theme or aspect of the art of burlesque.

Neo Burlesque Perth Sugar du Joure

Coming up on the 14th June: Material Girls
You’ve experienced burlesque before, but not quite like this! Taking inspiration from the last centuries’ greatest divas, MATERIAL GIRLS is set to make a splash.
Join Sugar Du Joure for six weeks covering the basics of character, burlesque persona, the art of the tease, and choreography – all within the exciting frame of neo burlesque – a fresh new take on a classic form of entertainment.

This course is suitable for all levels – from beginner to more experienced!
Enrol below or for more information please fill out the enquiry form or email

Frequently Asked Questions

[accordion clicktoclose=”true” tag=”h6″][accordion-item title=”I’ve never danced or performed before – will I be able to do this?”]Of course! This course is designed for all dance levels, whether you’ve done Burlesque before or not![/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Do I have to perform at the end of the 6 weeks?”]Not at all! Performance is completely optional, and you can always do a few courses and wait until you are ready before you head for the stage. However we do encourage you to perform eventually, as the stage experience will help you understand a lot of the performance fundamentals we teach in the course![/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Can I trial a class first?”]No, sorry![/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Can I attend casually?”]Unfortunately due to the short length of the class, each week is very important for the final performance, so no casual attendees are allowed.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”How long do classes go for?”]Each class runs for 1 hour long each week (check out our timetable here)[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”What should I wear/bring to each class?”]We encourage you to dress the part! Come in your full Burlesque, vintage or pin-up outfits to fully immerse yourselves into the glamorous world of tease![/accordion-item]

Enrolment Form

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